What is Fibonacci Sequence ?

The math was intended to be called “nature” and it’s where you look. In fact, There are specific numbers that we see in nature all the time. Together they called “The Fibonacci Sequence ‘’. It’s something like this(1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55). You may know this pattern; The first and second add up to the third, the second and third add up to the fourth and the fourth and fifth add up to the sixth and so on. The Fibonacci Sequence was first described by mathematicians in India about 1300 ago and it was introduced to the west in…

Memoization is very common technique in programming, which consist of storing result of a function for later usage. You can call it like memorization for functions to distinguish from regular of the word memorization. Memorization is remembering result for functions. We will optimize our program and our computation may be long. Instead of repeating function invocation, We could just do it once and store the result somewhere. The same invocation happens in the new program instead of computation again. We can just go to store where the result is located and We can use it instead. It would be much…

The Spread and Rest operators are very strong tools for JavaScript and react projects. Actually it’s only one operator with three dots|…|. If we call it spread or rest depending on where we want to use it, the spread operator is used to split array elements or object properties. We spread the array or object with this method.

For example, If we have an old array and we want to add all the elements from old array to new array and additionally add one or two elements. The syntax should be as follows.

We will talk about how to find or search a node in a Binary Tree in this article. Basically the idea is that When you have a binary tree you can search to see if a value is in that tree. We could search to see if number(50) is in the tree or number(100) is in the tree. Process is very similar to inserting in a Binary Search Tree which I already wrote an article about it. If you are not familiar with the Binary search tree, you can read an article before you start in this article.

The idea…

React Hooks is actually a collection of functions by React. We can use functional components therefore we can convert the component to functional component. You can use React hooks feature Because React 16.8 or higher projects now are able to use hooks. Let’s have a closer look at the following example to understand the useState hooks better.


In our example, We just need to create a constant name app and this will be a function that gets props and then handle a function body in Person.js. …

The two pointer technique is very efficient technique in software developers skills. You can use this technique and solve the problem faster and easier when you have a technical interview. I will cover the basics of this technique in this. I will try to explain how to use two variables pointing to different things. You can understand that when and how to use this technique. Hopefully you will be so comfortable to use this technique after this article.

What Is The Two Pointer Technique

As you understand the name of the technique that, you can use two different pointers for two different variables or references to…

What is hoisting ?

The hoisting is, the browser takes all the declarations such as a,b,c it takes out of the code before showing anything in the browser. It takes these declarations and puts them on top of the website or top of the file that we have up here so I can access them at any point inside the code that I have here.

Declaring a variable and assigning a value is going to affect hoisting because when you load the code inside the browser.

var a ="First";var b ="Second";var c ="Third";console.log(a …

I want to talk about how we can pass functions from one component to another in React application. This is very important thing to know how to make it. Because most of the times you can have state at higher component and a lower component is going to be trigger something to happen in that state. As you see example below i am creating a bunch of objects and its also repeated in the other component.


import React from 'react';const person = (props ) => {return (//click is the name of the property  defined in App.js …

The reducers specify how the app’s state changes in response to actions sent to store. The action only shows what kind of action was made for application but does not give any information about state changes. Reducers is giving information on how to change the state. Reducers is a function that accepts state and actions as arguments, and returns the next state of the application.(prevoiusState, action) => newState

const BUY_PASTA  = ‘ BUY_CAKE ’function buyPasta(){
return {
type: BUY_PASTA,
info : 'First redux action'

You can represent a reducer as previous state and action returning the new…

Actions are just Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJOs), We will discuss about properties of actions, and how to implement a function to create actions.

What is the Actions

The purpose of the dispatching actions to our store to desirable changes to update our states. In this way, actions almost feel like the request object or the parameters hash that you would see in a web application like Ruby on Rails.

As you remember in Rails, user just clicked a link to have access to controller. They can make changes from controller. But in Redux user may just click the button then button dispatches an…

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